Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most Frequently relevant questions which you may have are listed below. In case you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us by sending an Email to

  • What is Spoun?

    Spoun is used to serve the customers having restaurant businesses having the option of only dine-in facility to take their businesses online by using our Online Ordering application. Within a matter of 15 minutes we can implement Order Online available on your website.

  • The Spoun product has different plans of subscription. Please check the Subscription section in our website to check more details in this regard.

  • If you have a dine-in restaurant business and you are struggling to go-online to allow your customers to place orders online then Spoun is the promising solution which we can offer you. Call or Email us to gather more details from the Contact section of this website.

  • We have Spoun right now catering to the restaurant businesses, we provide web-app as-well-as a mobile-app based on your requirement to make your restaurant business Go-online.

  • You can call us and reach us using the phone number provided on this website or send us an email so that we can fix a common time of convenience and kick-start. Otherwise you can also share your details in an email ( using which we will make the required implementation.

  • One must have subscribed and should have received login credentials to login and start using Spoun.

  • Please check on our website Subscription sections to get more details about your preferred options to choose from a variety of plans which are available in monthly payment and annual payment formats. Pick/choose the one which suits best and get enrolled and start using Spoun today.

  • Pricing plans are available on a monthly basis as-well-as yearly basis. Depending on the number of online orders which you expect to be processed you can select the best plan that suits you and get enrolled and start using Spoun.

  • Biggest advantage of using Spoun is to have hassel free online ordering system working for you within no time. If you have been planning for one to get implemented for your restaurant which has only dine-in options using Spoun you can get into Online business today. It is easy to maintain and manage your entire pricing and customization of the Menu whenever you want and any number of times you want. All of this is available with super easy customization and configuration which you will be trained in. Overnight you can plan and have a different Menu for your online restaurant.

  • No, an account taken in one organization/individual name is not transferable. Payment made once is not refundable nor transferable to others.

  • A cloud kitchen, also known as a virtual kitchen or ghost kitchen, is a type of food service establishment that operates solely for delivery or takeout orders. It does not have a physical dining area for customers to eat on-site (dine-in option). Instead, it focuses on preparing and delivering food to customers' locations. Cloud kitchens typically operate from a centralized location and may house multiple virtual restaurant brands within the same facility. They rely heavily on online ordering platforms and delivery services to reach customers.

  • Cloud kitchens are designed to optimize efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating the need for a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant setup.

  • Spoun is a Web Application which is designed & developed to cater to the needs of a food-service-business, doesn't matter if the food is served in a restaurant, has dining options or runs a cloud/virtual kitchen. What matters is whether the business wants to leverage online platforms and delivery services to reach their customers, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. The key with the Spoun Application is it meets the requirements for Virtual/Cloud/Ghost as well for their business online.