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About Us

We're a team of IT-professionals with 10+ years of experience in Project/Product development (Web/Mobile Apps, Web-Services and various Custom-based software implementations/solutions). We have wide and varied experience which makes us best understand the problem statement precisely and provide you with the best possible choices from which you can select the best as a solution which we can implement for you at the earliest.

We know what it is like to be frustrated with the search for a good solution. Once you've found it, you realize that there is much more challenging to implement than you thought.

To overcome all these challenges, we have simplified the idea to develop a straightforward Online Restaurant App solution (SPOUN) where you can dynamically configure the App as per your requirements. You can construct your own choice of menu and configure your choice of list-items in your own order of precedence with total control over pricing and detailing of the menu items and the related addon’s and/or toppings.

Customization with the Spoun App can be done where you can give your users complete control over the preferences. Customers can order their choice of food based on their spice level, can know the nutritional value, calorific value etc.,. Our Spoun App meets your passion to provide the best catered menu which can meet the palate of each and every client/customer.

Spoon App helps you in planning, implementing, migrating or enhancing your business to an online platform/format where we help you to build and deliver the App for your requirement in the shortest possible time which is 1 day for the website (Web-App) and 3 to 4 working/business days for a Mobile App.

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Online ordering system is available in Web as-well-as Mobile App versions. If you have Restaurant Business and want to enable Online Order please reach out to us so that we can get your business Online today!

Features of Our Product

Online Ordering system has USP to get your Business Online right now just in matter of 15 minutes. If you have a website ready or not doesn't matter we can help you to create website and integrate Online Ordering system within no time!

  • - Configure the App for a restaurant owner based on their preferred Color, Font style/type and their preferred Logo.

    - App is configurable for different types of payment gateways (, Stripe, Paypal, and RazorPay).

    - Spoun App can be configured with custom Fax details which the customer has/prefers.

    - Spoun is an easily deployable App which can be installed in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.

    - Custom Currency configuration is made available as part of the deployment.

    - Number of branches can be restricted for a customer by the franchisee.

  • - The Spoun Web-App is readily available to be configured for a single branch based customers as-well-as for multi-branch restaurants based customers which could be in a single city/state or at multiple cities/states.

    - Spoun application can be configured to include the delivery charges based on the location as per the custom requirement.

    - The App can be configurable for 5 different types of Tax values/accounts.

    - Spoun also includes Custom-Banners implementation.

    - Customers can custom define their own choice of category as part of the menu for adding items to the respective categories.

    - Items addition/removal to/from the category defined as part of the Spoun App is dynamic.

    - Product availability timing is configurable.

    - Toppings and Add-ons can be included and/or excluded for each item as per the choice/preference these toppings/addings can have their price value attached to them.

    - Product availability is with respect to the branch in which it is configured/available.

    - Highlighting the product is possible (like a “Bestseller” - a most preferred).

    - Holiday calendar can be configured based on the holidays that the restaurant follows.

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